Severe patient-ventilator asynchrony is associated with 5x increase in ICU mortality, 3x increase in median mechanical ventilation time, and 2x increase in median hospital length of stay.

Syncron-E is an artificial intelligence-based software technology that analyzes pressure and flow waveforms in real-time to detect various types of patient-ventilator asynchrony.

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Optimal fluid resuscitation and vasoactive drug management is critical for the recovery of patients with severe sepsis or septic shock as well as surgical patients.

E-Fusion™ is a smart fluid and vasoactive drug management system, which with the capability to provide semi-automated (clinical decision support) and fully-automated (closed-loop) fluid and vasoactive drug management.

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AstroSight™ is a computer vision-based technology under development through a contract with NASA. It provides video analytics and non-invasive vital sign monitoring for astronauts during space exploration missions.

Raw video retrieved from the NASA Johnson Space Center Public Affairs Office Video Collection

*Autonomous Healthcare’s technologies are for investigational use only and are not FDA approved.